season 2 coming soon

Hi Fulcrum Fans,

We’re hard at work on Season 2 of The Fulcrum which will likely be released in mid 2023 on Soundcloud and Spotify.

The Season will explore the balance between habits and intentionality.

You may be wondering: “Why would you want a balance between those two things? How can you have too much intentionality or too much habits?”

The quick answer is: you can have too much of a good thing. Hormesis is a great word if you want to impress your friends (I know I do!)

In a nutshell, too much reliance on habits can lead to much of your life being run on autopilot, allowing the magic moments that make up the tapestry of life to pass you by. Too much reliance on intentionality may cause you to get easily mentally fatigued, allowing important decisions to be neglected.

Watch this space. I’ll update with the link to Season 2 when it is ready 🙂