Understanding what matters

How do you know if you’re stubbornly persisting with something or just doing the hard, uncomfortable work that is required for remarkable success?

In this episode, I chat with people developer Hasan Sharif.

I explore Hasan’s vast experience in coaching and mentoring and we go deep into motivation, touching on profound, somewhat Nihlistic questions like “why does anything matter” before bouncing to more empowering topics and tactics.

This might be for you if

If you have struggled to answer some of the following questions, you may want to give this episode a listen (or skip to the chapters that entice you using the chapters in the description on YouTube)

  • Should I keep persisting or pivot?
  • Am I working on the right thing?
  • Am I doing meditation right?

Episode Overview

The cost and benefits of a daily routine: how to strike a balance between structure and freedom.
How to know if we are being diligently disciplined or rigidly stubborn in our habits.
One of the most important questions to reflect on: what matters?
Different algorithms for prioritising: weighted, shortetest job first.
The importance of planning.
How to avoid the overoptimisation trap and take action.
Always get to the “why” behind the motivation for doing something.