03. Can’t I learn this from anywhere else on the internet?

While there is a wealth of information available on YouTube, Reddit or other helpful places, the Habitlings Course offers a structured and guided approach to help you achieve your goals. Here’s why the course stands out:

1. Comprehensive Content: The Habitlings Course provides a comprehensive curriculum specifically designed to help you break down your goals into actionable habits. It covers various aspects of habit design, overcoming fear and overwhelm, and sustaining motivation.

2. Expert Guidance: The course is designed by our founder, Joey, who has extensive experience in helping individuals like you turn their ambitious goals into daily habits. With Joey’s guidance, you’ll gain insights, practical strategies, and personalised support that go beyond what most people may be able to piece together from disparate sources.

3. Accountability and Support: Unlike static content, the course offers personalized interactions and support. With the Habitling Weekly and Habitling Premium options, you’ll have 1-1 coaching sessions and check-ins to keep you on track, course-correct if needed, and provide ongoing motivation and accountability.

4. Curated Resources: The course provides curated resources, exercises, and materials that are specifically tailored to the course content. These resources are carefully selected to maximize your learning experience and help you implement the habit-building techniques effectively.

5. Course Duration: While YouTube videos can be helpful, you can find yourself consuming content indefinitely without taking action. The Habitlings Course offers a structured timeline over 21 days.

By enrolling in the Habitlings Course, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive, guided, and interactive learning experience. The course is designed to help you develop the necessary habits and mindset to achieve your goals effectively and sustainably.

Remember, success often comes from having a well-structured approach and personalized support, and that’s exactly what the Habitlings Course aims to provide.