Mindfulness without overthinking

How do we know what we really want?

It’s a tough question because we get bombarded by so many messages about what we “should” want.

Meditation teacher, Mark Philpott weighs in on how he unravels this important question.

Joey Corea interviews mediation teacher Mark Philpott to unravel the question of how to find purpose and intrinsic motivation

Show Notes

Mark’s website markphilpott.com

The Barku Podcast


00:00 Introduction: Mark Philpott

03:31 The trap of working towards future results

05:33 The intrinsic and extrinsic levers of habit change

06:35 The difficulty of picking up things easily

07:25 Framing habit change in terms of support for a goal

10:50 Overjustification effects and the danger of extrinsic rewards

12:35 Finding your deepest aspiration

15:35 Education systems and extrinsic rewards

17:15 Deliberate practice and sticking to it

18:45 Mindfulness without the overthinking

20:45 The story of identity and deep change

21:45 Identifying the voice in your head and its origin

23:00 Tradeoff between current self and future self

25:45 Dan Siegel and the open planes of possibility

28:02 Grounding awareness and wisdom